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Founded in 2017, 3Ducators’  mission is to empower & educate communities on the applications and benefits of 3D printing technology in various areas. We offer educational programs, informational workshops, customizable products, consulting and more! 

3Ducators are partners with women in 3d printing, and NGOs in India & Africa to empower students around the world. Our 3D printed products have also been recommended by many, such as the medical workers in New Jersey who used our 3D printed face masks. We received excellent reviews on various platforms, including Facebook and Google. 3Ducators have also successfully established STEAM labs in 15 schools in NJ using 3D printers, through an approach to design thinking, engaging the Maker community, and a problem solving approach. Our educators are qualified graduates from Rutgers, NJIT, Makers and professionals with extensive experience in the field. We are all about empowering our communities and inspiring our students to dream big! 

Our Products  3Ducators offer a range of products that are tailored to your 3D printing needs! We offer COVID-19 supplies, 3D printing/design classes, prototyping services and customized figurines. Our 3D face masks were donated and worn by doctors and nurses in New Jersey who needed supplies to help fight the virus. Our 3D printing classes offer one on one guidance and go through designing and 3D printing. The courses are adaptive for your personalized pace. We hope to inspire our students to dream big and try to help their communities with the amazing power of 3D printing. Our prototyping services and customized figurines allow you to bring any creation you want to life! Through 3D printing, we can make your dreams come true and bring your memories to life.   

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