Design Thinking & 3D Printing Training

The COVID19 Pandemic has challenged us all beyond doubt. It was during this time, that we realized how amazing 3D printing is as a technology, to enable us to make almost anything from Masks, Shields to Splitters & Ventilators for our frontline heroes. We want you to benefit from & learn this incredible technology so you can help the world too, make a difference!!

Nothing is certain except your true potential and this is the right time to invest and grow yourself.
With that in mind, we now have an online series of classes(Skype sessions 1-1) accessible to everyone, Adaptive curriculum (6 week course) suited to every age-group. We move adaptively at your pace 🙂

Topics include:

3D Design & Printing: 
We start with learning 3D Modeling fundamentals using Fusion360/TinkerCAD/Solidworks. Then learn about Slicing models & slowly move on to the process for 3D printing. This is a 6 week Adaptive session that will make you an expert by the end of the course.We methodically progress to advanced softwares like Solidworks, Meshmixer, Rhino & Blender.This is an adaptive 1:1 6 week session.
3D Printing PPE Project, Masks: Watch NOW!!
3D Printing PPE Project, FaceShields: Watch NOW!!

We have successfully established STEAM labs at 15 schools in NJ using 3Dprinters, with an approach to Design Thinking, engaging the Maker community and a problem solving approach. Our educators are qualified Graduates from Rutgers, NJIT, Makers and professionals with a lot of experience in the field.

  • Weekly Classes starting at 85$/hr ONLINE
  • 3 month 3D Design & Printing Certification
  • PD at schools, events & community groups

Take a look at our recent creations.

This is one of the Introduction classes to the 6 week Adaptive 1-1 3D Design & Training session browsing through the basics of 3D Design & Printing, Prepare a list on stuff you’ve always wanted to make & we will make it happen for you, Register Now!!!
The Adaptive 1-1 weekly session(6 week course) is geared at your pace to become a 3Dprinting Master in your field of expertise.This coaching session will train you on:
  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • Process Overview
  • Introduction to Design Software(Case Study)
  • Introduction to Slicing Software(Case Study)
  • Introduction to Hardware
  • ApplicationsBasic understanding of 3D Design, Printing using different kinds of Biodegradable polymers/plastic.Based on your profession or hobby skillset, you will be trained on various design softwares as well as the hardware usage. Work/Design at your own pace and achieve your dreams 🙂
    What do you learn?
    Basic/Intermediate/Advanced designing skills using softwares like Onshape, SketchUp, Fusion360 or Solidworks. Configuring a simple 3Dprinter and Printing your design. Making a roadmap to creating a prototype of your idea. It’s never too late to make a start or early to make a difference, so hurry, Register NOW!!!

3D Printer & Training Package:

  • Pre-Assembled Ender 3D Printer with 10 ready to Print files on animals, building, toys or jewelry.
  • Learn calibration, free tips & tricks to make wonderful prints.
  • 6 month repair and warranty after purchase!
  • 2 free Adaptive 1-1 Training sessions on Fusion 360/TinkerCAD/SketchUp to make your 3D Design & Slice the file for Printing.Order yours now, limited time offer within US!

Please email for booking your time slots and other info.

For more information/inquiry/booking, email us at, keep learning 🙂