Designing your dreams and transforming them into reality is something we all want to do at one point in our life!
What if we get the tools right now? What if the world was going to end tomorrow? Is waiting for the right moment the best option for you?
We at 3Ducators believe that Imagination has no limits, and there are certainly numerous ways to make dreams come true, 3D Printing being the best because of its numerous advantages!

Through our series of workshops, we educate communities on not only how to use 3D Printers but also the numerous applications it can be used to make: from dextrous hand to artificial limbs, to artistic sculptures, buildings, topography, to fashion & consumer products.



We host workshops on a wide variety of topics starting from Basic to Advanced. The topics mostly include:

1. What is 3D printing?

     a. What can it be used for?

     b. How can students benefit from 3D printing?

2. How to set up a 3D printer?

     a. What are the parts of a 3D printer?

     b. How do you calibrate a 3D printer?

3. What are 3D models?

     a. What design softwares are used to create 3D models?

     b. Basic Training on TinkerCad, 123D Design, Fusion 360 and Blender

4. What are 3D printing Slicers?

     a. Training on Cura, Slic3r, Pango and more

     b. How to optimize 3D printers with the slicers?

5. What materials can be printed on the FDM/SLA printer in education

     a. Intro to Filaments

     b. Intro to Resins

     c. Bed and Extrusion temperature basics

6. 3D printing in Education

     a. 3D printing in Biology, robotics, mathematics, art and more

     b. Functional vs Aesthetic

7. Trivia, Terminology, Notes and Helpful suggestions

     a. How to print in 100-micron resolution without layer slips

     b. How to choose the right filament for the right need

     c. Printing without supports


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