During the Covid-19 pandemic, our healthcare workers, frontline heroes, doctors & nurses have been fighting for our safety & have insufficient supplies and devices to protect themselves with. We, as a technology startup and education consultancy, donated masks made by 3D printing technology, and provide free classes in an attempt to help with global health and promote 3D education for all communities, especially the underprivileged and minorities. Help support 3Ducators so that we can support our communities.

Donate to our GoFundMe at https://rb.gy/rhg5vl

Who are we? 
We are makers, human beings driven to make a difference, engineers, entrepreneurs, students. We haven’t seen our families for over 9 months now, and believe that it is our social responsibility to help our brothers & sisters in need. A team with a vision and dream to 3D print anything, anytime and anywhere. Currently this means medical supplies for the nation!

Why are we doing this?
3D Printing is our superpower. 3Ducators are working round the clock to save our frontline heroes because we know 3D printing PPE for our healthcare heroes will make them safe! We also want to provide opportunities for everyone to learn more about this technology by offering classes taught by professionals and experts in this field.  

What are we doing?
Our products include 3D-printed Face shields & Face masks, and we teach online classes to educate all communities and people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders on the power of 3D printing technology. Support us now, and you will contribute not only to the global effort to save our frontline heroes, but also make an underprivileged kid’s dream come true. 

Check out Shweta’s efforts to protect our frontline heroes and why those 3d-printed masks are different from traditional masks which are non-N95: 

A 3D FaceMask (fitted with merv13 filter): $25                                                                                            Cost of a single class to make Mask: $85

Class details:
The Adaptive 1-1 weekly session(6 week course) is geared at your pace to become a 3D Printing Master in your field of expertise. This coaching session will train you on: Introduction to 3D Printing, Introduction to Design Software (Case Study), Introduction to Slicing Software (Case Study), Introduction to Hardware,
Applications, Basic understanding of 3D Design, Printing using different kinds of Biodegradable polymers/plastic. Based on your profession or hobby skillset, you will be trained on various design softwares as well as the hardware usage. Work/Design at your own pace and achieve your dreams.

Made a difference yet? 
You will become adept in an industry leading sector that has saved millions of lives during the pandemic. You’ll also gain knowledge & be able to make medical devices/emergency healthcare and so much more! You can contribute to the education for the locals in the most underprivileged areas that have no access to emergency healthcare, such as Africa, India, countries in which we already have partnerships with local NGOs.

Our vision & goals:
We are very grateful to have volunteers & volunteer organizations like masks4docs that are helping us deliver & dispatch supplies After we help our frontline heroes, we promise to save you, each one of you with a PPE, who is believing in us, contributing and doing their part responsibly in saving our heroes!!

We dream of a future where all of us can live healthy and that everyone could benefit and learn from this life-changing technology that has saved hundreds and thousands of lives in the past. We believe in the power of 3D printing, please help us make this dream come true, and become part of this great global initiative! 

You can donate to our GoFundMe and help make a difference at: https://rb.gy/rhg5vl