Silver Buddha Necklace



This exotic & exclusively designed Buddha necklace, in pure Sterling Silver, is an embodiment of “Peace” & great vibes wherever we go, reminding us of how beautiful & vibrant life is, how to celebrate & live in the moment & and how to “Let Go” things that keep us from attaining our higher self.

The pendant has been handcrafted and digitally designed by our talented girls, residing in the Himalayas, using the process of “Design Thinking & 3D Printing”, to learn more about the Designing process, you can visit our udemy course for “Jewelry Design”.

Inspired by the saint “Gautam Buddha”, our students crafted this agile Buddha with utmost care & passion , keeping the minute details and features in mind. The 3D printed design was later casted in pure Silver, dazzling it’s shine just the way Buddha spreads the message of Peace around.

Now it’s time for you to shine in this embellished & brilliant silver, tapping your highest potential & spreading love & peace in this journey. You can support the ingenuity of our girls, by getting this beautiful “Silver Buddha Necklace” 


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